Meet the “Head Honcho’s”

“The Boss” – Julie Ann Canal

Julie has over 16 years experience in the industry. Julie constantly likes to push the boundaries of design and construction. ‘Dare to be different’ is Julie’s personal motto. Julie has a wealth of knowledge and experience in design, construction and the industry in general. Julie enjoys dealing personally with clients and will form a lasting friendship on many accounts.

Julie also Lectures in construction at North Metropolitan Tafe, is part of the curriculum writing team and Julie sits on the FAPS Training Council Board. You can be assured you are in experienced hands.

“The Regional Manager” – Keira Nicholson

Keira is a walking encyclopedia on codes and compliance which balances perfectly with Julie’s motto of pushing the boundaries in design. Keira enjoys the structural and compliance side of the Industry and forms lasting business relationships with Builders and consultants. Keira’s expertise in compliance areas is called upon frequently by Builders, consultants and clients.

Julie and Keira work together as a balanced team to ensure employees, contractors and consultants strive to reach the high expectations and goals that they continually set;- the end goal being their clients ultimate satisfaction.

The Design Mill core values in regards to business growth, decision making, staff hiring, retention and customer focus :-


Trust –  build open and honest relationships with upmost integrity
Respect – treat others how you would like to be treated yourself
Acknowledgement – build a positive, creative environment with thanks and praise
Compassion – be passionate and determined to help others
Knowledge – strive and commit to growth and learning



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