Are you planning to add a new wing to your house? Or maybe you simply got tired of looking at the same color of walls so you decided to have your kitchen or living room renovated? No matter how small or big the scope of your home improvement project is, the number one thing that you need to research is the best prices for the materials which will be used.

Home Additions Perth

Let’s say that you have a house in Perth, Australia and you are planning to add a new wing which will serve as additional bedrooms for your growing kids. For this, you need to come up with at least a rough sketch of how you would like the additional wing to look like once it is finished. As part of a home additions Perth project, you have to make sure that you are getting the best prices for labor, material, etc. This is where the services of a company like come in. Through it, you can save money on whichever home additions Perth project it is that you are planning because you can conduct a study beforehand on the best prices for tiles, fittings, fixtures and even furniture pieces. It works in such a way that the company allows you to use their trade accounts so that you can have the best price for the project. With a practically unlimited trade area, no project is too big or too small not to be handled by The Design Mill.

Narrow Lot Design Perth

Another scenario is when you have a narrow lot, which you would like to have a decent design of a house for. The Design Mill’s narrow lot design Perth allows you to maximize the space that you have – no matter how limited it is. Basically, the main design has to evolve around your personal preferences, the lifestyle that you are living, and the budget that you have. Where is it more economical and practical to place the master bedroom? How about the kitchen? What if there’s a certain look to the living room that you would like to have? With The Design Mill’s specialization in narrow lot design Perth plans, the main elements of the home plan will include angled walls, rounded corners and other design options which will help maximize the space available – while still making the home liveable, practical and beautifully-designed.

At, you can expect to have the vision of the dream home that you have to come alive. The company has a liaison with the council, suppliers and contractors who will all help turn your dream house into a reality. The most important part of the project is that your budget is kept under control. Whether it’s a narrow lot design, a drafting design, a new home, an extension, an additional wing or a room renovation, you can rely on their award-winning business to provide you with everything that you need to finish the project.